Welcome to the Dragon's Lair Club
Where Old Meets New

The Dragon's Lair. Hidden safely away in a modern upper middle class suburban area.  This modern take on the traditional dungeon is a private owned safe space in which to explore your private desires.   

Traditional dungeons can require a large amount of space to accommodate all the equipment.  When space is at a premium, one gets creative. The Dragon's Lair was created out of a need for versatile play equipment in a limited space. 

In place of a traditional cross, we have The Wall. The Wall is a 6'6" X 8 foot wood framed area with a plethora of attachment points. Chains or rope can be utilized to secure the participants. Arms and legs can be placed in  infinite positions for play. The Wall takes the place of a cross and an upright whipping post. 

The wooden bondage table can be used with the participant lying face up or face down and restrained in various positions. The participant can be made to stand on either the long or short end of the table and bent over, allowing even more diversity for play.  Due to this versatility the bondage table can be used as a bent over whipping post, thereby freeing up more floor space. 

The multipurpose chair can be adjusted for the back to sit up or fold flat while the leg section of the chair can be raised or lowered for various activities.

Equipment is being custom made for further adventures!